Dec 30, 2020
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Glensheiling Caravan Park

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What an awesome place this is. Never have I stayed at a caravan park where I felt at home and happy. The owner made Dash and I feel so welcome. Of course, I cannot ever forget Craig and Linda who were in the campsite next to me. They are travelling as Ford-in-Transit. We also met other beautiful travelers who have packed up and sold their homes, resigned from their jobs or sold their businesses. They are travelling throughout South Africa.

There are amazing people out there! Everyone is so kind, helpful and friendly. Although the travelers are of all ages this is something many pensioners are also doing. People have decided it is time to enjoy what is left of our beautiful country. This they want to do before we lose ownership and sight of it all. Many people travel with their pet dogs… of all sizes and ages. Some travelers even have as many as four dogs who are traveling with them.

Not only do we have our pet dogs with us but we have the interaction of cows mingling amongst the campers in the caravan park.

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Dash and his Rambling Rose

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