Jul 8, 2020
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Love Yourself!

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Self Reflection

A Rose soothes the heart and emotions and can assist in healing from past griefs so that one can move on and enjoy the present moment!

Do you know that a woman is like a rose – a rose representing love and beauty? If you treat her right, she will bloom but if you treat her badly, she will wilt.

So, who is given the right to treat you like a wilted rose? 

Are you going around looking at yourself as “who am I?”, “what am I?”, “where am I?” 

How do you see yourself when you look in the mirror? When was the last time you looked and actually saw your real self as to who you really are? Do you look and see yourself as you choose to see yourself or how others have told you? 

Because of the way we have been or are being treated our identity issues become very, very low. We become filled with insecurities, anxiety, poor self-image, poor self-esteem, feeling worthless and useless and don’t know what to do, who to turn to, where to do.  We so desperately want to straighten our lives up but where do we start?   

Our minds are telling us what to do and where to get help, but we have no energy, no drive, no interest. Any ideas that come to mind we find we cannot put into action as we lack confidence and faith within ourselves.  We don’t trust anyone around us, or want company because we can do it by ourselves but don’t know where to start and even go as far as asking for advice but don’t apply it because either we didn’t hear it or we have no drive to apply it or make excuses and tell ourselves “but they don’t understand what I am going through”.  We HAVE to get to the bottom of this and help each other through this lonely, scary time of our lives.

Did you know your vision of yourself is a reflection of your current state of mind?  If you see yourself beautiful, that is what you feel at the time.  If you see yourself ugly, that is what you are feeling then.  But to deal with all of this let us look at ourselves in the mirror. If we see ugly, let’s close our eyes and convince ourselves we are beautiful.  We are that blooming rose which we were born as and remind ourselves that we are lovely and beautiful.

I’m saying that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

No one can take that away from you, no matter how hard they try.  They may succeed for but a season. But come hell or high water you ARE and WILL ALWAYS REMAIN BEAUTIFUL ……

Look deeply into the reflection of your eyes and see the fear, the worry, the anger, the anxiety, the ego. Work through these step by step to overcome them.  Mighty Woman Africa will help you through this step by step and it will be up to you to choose whom you want to be and why.

Remember, you as a person looking in the mirror has an inner person in you who is more beautiful than you will ever know or ever see.  You are entitled to greatness, uniqueness, happiness just to name a few and what you see in the mirror is just a barrier to protect the greatness that is within you.  

Do not start pulling yourself apart …… think and talk positively to yourself. 

Remember, you are a person who is wonderfully created, loved, chosen, and full of potential. A beautiful person who has a huge opportunity to be a friend to someone else who is battling with life.  See value in yourself and keep adding value to yourself by growing spiritually, personally and professionally.

One of the reasons that people fail to grow and reach their potential is low self-esteem. People just don’t see the possibilities that God has put in them. That’s why Mighty Woman Africa wants to help you through Love Yourself enjoy investing time in adding value to you and to help you discover that “BEAUTIFUL ROSE” within you again.

What is so clear to us at Mighty Woman Africa is if we have difficulty seeing value in our self, we will not have the determination and perseverance to invest the necessary time and effort to grow and reach our own full potential. Low self-esteem stops our potential which in turn we are never able to outperform our self-image.

Our next blog we will start dealing with each issue to start building our self-image up again.  There is so many fun ways to do this once we have got over the more serious side of things, so keep in touch.  We can all live and learn by what is to be said. As well as responses or questions that each person may have. 

Please feel free to contact me directly should you want to talk on a one-to-one basis on

Take care and love yourself…….. because we at Mighty Woman Africa love you.

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